Level 3 – I looooove Gooooooollllldddd


World of Warcraft has had a lot of different ones over the years ranging from Gear Tokens, Emblems, Justice and Valor Points, and Apexis Crystals just to name a few. It has always been some form of mechanic to gate what you can and can’t do and how fast you can do it. In WotLK you could grind out Dungeons to get Emblems of Triumph, or in MoP go to Timeless Isle to grind out frogs to get currency to improve your gear.

It all however boils down to gold, the in game market now more than ever is centralized around it. In fact it is so centralized around it that we now have The WoW Token and for $20 USD you can purchase one and put it on the Auction House for what ever your region selling price is. The price you list it at is what you get in return, regardless if the market goes up or down while it is on there, and in return the person purchasing it gets 30 days of game time.

You can take a look at https://wowtoken.info/ to see what the going price is to maximize when you want to sell one or buy one.

It is also now, easier than ever to make gold in-game. From garrison missions, to farming 25HC Cataclysm raids, selling battle pets and the like. People are now accumulating a lot of it. And that’s not a bad thing, in earlier expansion it would take you months just to save up enough to get your Epic Riding or Epic Flying. Now that is chump change in 2 days worth of work if that.

The only bad thing I see, and it was something I was afraid of when the WoW token came into play is not having it as a possibility that you could Pay to Win.

In the most recent patch notes, you are now able to buy all the Apexis Crystal gear up to 675 for in-game gold instead.

This is just 6.2 PTR prices and are subject to change.

What does this mean with the WoW Token and the changes made? Pay to Win. It may not be that, it may not be the reason for this and they just want people to have more accessibility to the new content. But when you put a type of way to buy in-game currency, then put gear on sale for in-game currency from NPC’s then this is a problem.

Yes there is the argument about BOP’s selling for gold, or even people selling full runs of Blackrock Foundry Heroic for 250k but the BOP’s have always been there, and the people selling the runs have done that in the past.

Blizzard only ever sold gear for gold, on the next expansion when the gear is obsolete and people want to use it for Transmogging. You can go to Shattrah, inside ICC or Dalaran and buy old sets for gold, but that gear was not current.

The other thing that irks me, that I have noticed no one has really mentioned in the patch notes about gold and currency. Is that in 6.2 they are removing the 1000g that you get with the BRF and Highmaul Cache. I know I for one would use Treasure Hunting traits to double and triple the amount of gold I would get out of there.

It stinks. It has the smelly smell of people not having it as accessible to get the gold ,and wanting to gear an alt or main that just needs that bit of gear to get them to the iLVL for Hellfire Citadel or HC/Mythic BRF. If you notice the 675iLVL gear is 20k gold in the picture, about the same cost of gold that you would get out of a token.

This may not be the intention that Blizzard meant to do, it may just be a coincidence. But it boils down to real money to buy in game rewards. It’s something that Blizzard has never done, and should change before the patch comes out.

Then again, that’s just my two cents. Let me know what you think.

That’s all for now.

Rykter signing off.