Level 6 – Much Ado About Nothing!

World of Warcraft: What to do Wednesday!

It’s the day after reset, and alot of people have done their raids for LFR and possibly done their weekly “Circle of Disappointment”. Lots of people have come to the feeling that there is nothing else to do in game except your daily chores. Today I am going 5 things that can keep you busy and entertained in WoW. Some you may already know and do yourself, but it’s good to be put out there an on a list for people.

So before I start to rant here is my list for this week!

  1. If you are a PVE player, something that I have personally started doing in between content patches is to start PVPing. I try not to touch it at the beginning as I know that the lull always comes and it gives me something else to strive for other than raiding content.
    Now this doesn’t mean you have to do it on your main toon. Though if you are a mount collector as well, this is a good way to work on those at the same time (key note – they are ground mounts so you don’t have to feel bad about no flying)
  2. Transmog. I love it. I usually try and make a new set each week. If you have already done the raids of your circle of dissapointment, then you may already have a bunch of the gear that looks “cool” for your toon. I need to personally clear out my void storage as I am now full. I need a bigger wardrobe it seems for my Undead Lock. (Who knew that male undead warlocks could be so fashionable!)
    You can also get different sets and pieces by doing old dungeons as well, a good addon I like to use is either AtlasLootEnhanced – Beta(which is the one for WoD) which has all the gear that each dungeon drops, or MogIt(which has the same, but in catagories and you can save your own wardrobe and it will mark what pieces you already have.)
  3. Achievement Hunting! It’s a great time waster, and there are lots of titles and mounts that you can get for doing it. A great addon I like to use for my achievement hunting is Overachiever, it tracks the achievements and posts if you have /hugged, /loved, or killed something for a certain achievement. Plus the search options are much more in depth than the ones already in game.
  4. Roll an opposite faction character. You would be surprised at the difference in content, as well as dungeon quests there are between the two factions. Especially if you haven’t played the other faction since before Cataclysm, or leveled one up. There are alot more and new experiences for you to enjoy and you may learn some things along the way. Though I have rolled some Alliance toons myself, I still believe that a gnome should be under the foot of a Tauren.
  5. Help someone. I know, this is a very strange concept in a world all about ME, but I have met some really cool people and have had some very long and lasting friendships, just by helping someone level or through things. It doesn’t take much, and there are many stories on reddit of people getting back in contact with the person that helped them and giving them thanks. In a game that’s all about your own loot, and progression. It really does wonders to your gameplay to help someone else.

That is my list for this week, I have included where you can get those addons that I have spoken about below, and if you have your own idea’s feel free to let me know and I will put them in next weeks WoW:WtdW!



AtlasLoot Enhanced


“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

As most of you have already figured out. 6.2 WILL NOT bring back the return of flying.

In fact, from the interview on Friday May 22nd with Polygon, Ion Hazzikostas mentions “We’re not going to be reintroducing the ability to fly in Draenor, and that’s kind of where we’re at going forward.” He also confirms that this direction includes future expansions,  though he doesn’t discount the possibility of adding flight options in to specific expansion ideas or zones that would benefit from it.

As far as Twitter, Reddit and the forums are concerned. This is the end of the world. Though we may be the ones falling from the sky, it isn’t actually falling.

In my opinion bringing flying to the whole of Azeroth was a bad game design and catered too much to the lazy player. It used to be a challenge to get your flying for Outlands, it was made for it. The world had been ripped from The Nether and distorted. It was near impossible to get to some places just using your ground mount. In fact just to get your Neatherwing mounts and the rep for it you needed your flying mount.

Northrend as well worked for flying, it was designed for it, and you still felt as if Northrend was a HUGE place with flying. Storm peaks for example were massive on the ground, you had towering mountains, and deep valleys. Then you got your flying and it was still huge, at the tops of the mountains there was content, and at it’s very peak. One of the best raids ever designed. Ulduar.

When Cataclysm hit, you could get your flying in Azeroth at 60. That I think was the mistake. Every other time you got flying it was gated till you were max level or close to. In BC it was 70, WotLK it was 77 (though once you had an 80 you could buy it for your toon that was 70), MoP even got it right, by making you wait to get your flying on Pandaria.

I believe it was too easy, and given too freely. Yes I do enjoy it. Yes it makes my life easier. Will I miss it in future expansions? Nope. Because Ion is right when he said to Polygon “The world feels larger, feels more dangerous [without flying],” he says. “There’s more room for exploration, for secrets, for discovery and overall immersion in the world.”

I have had a blast in Draenor finding every little nook and cranny, trying to wiggle my way through Spires and I missed taking a flight point and going pee. Yes I could still do it when there was flying in all of Azeroth, but it was more efficient to do it the other way.

I’ve missed the days of not flying in Azeroth, and I am happy with the direction that they are taking it in. Though it shouldn’t take half of an expansion to give us the answer we already knew. That’s just bad business.

If you would however like to read the rest of the interview where Ion talks alot more about what is happening in Draenor (such as 6.2 and it not being the last big content patch of WoD) you can read it here Polygon VS Watcher Interview.



Level 4 – Why? OH GOD WHY?

Do I still find World of Warcraft fun anymore?

(A mini bio on Rykter)

After many years of playing this game, I get asked that a lot. For a game that is 10 years old, don’t you get bored? Is it still fun? Isn’t there something more constructive you could be doing with your time? Shouldn’t the dishes have been washed? The answer to all of them are profound YES.

It is however what I like to do with my time, and throughout the years I have done many different things and played many different classes.

I actually got hooked into World of Warcraft before I even knew what it was. I had been at a co-workers house for some beers about a month or so before Burning Crusades came out and he showed me a part of a match of Alterac Valley and his warrior as a tank in MC. I was just astounded as all these people were working together to keep everyone alive and kill all the things! I hadn’t ever seen anything like it, and this big dumb cow was in the front of it all.

It wasn’t until a month before patch 2.4.3 came out did I actually purchase and install Warcraft and create my first Undead Warlock named Kujata. I got him to 45 or so, then dabbled with my first druid named Tierz and got him all the way up to 70. While all this was happening I met my now wife and invited her to play as well. Then starts the 2nd warlock of mine Locktight.

Now through the years I was in some guilds, and ran a few very good, big, fun guilds that even though a bunch of the people don’t play anymore, I still talk with them. I learned alot from being a guild leader, how to manage a team, how to initiate conversations. In fact I learned alot more LIFE skills from running a guild than actual raiding. But over the couple years I was GM I was also raid leader and main tank all through WotLK. It burnt me out and had to actually step back from wow for a couple weeks and see where I stood. I did however come back and our guild merged with another and I helped manage that one with my DK tank and my warlock.

From there I jumped from server to server, and game to game, yet ALWAYS coming back to WoW. There was always something about it that pulled me in. There was always something in a different game that reminded me of WoW, sometimes they did it a little bit better, but it was the whole together ensemble that keeps people and me playing. So after a while, I’ve pretty much stayed dedicated to WoW and I figured out a way to always have something to do.

In this expansion especially, I tend to do the raiding up front and do as much of it as I can. Then comes the lulls, the time and place where most people think that it sucks, that there isn’t anything to do. For me, I haven’t touched things like, mount farming, PVP (2 weeks ago was the first time I had even stepped INTO Ashran) which I am having an ABSOLUTE blast doing. I have gone and made an Alliance druid with Reghan and Breauseph on Aerie Peak and we are going to explore that side of the story. I have done NONE of the mount quests for stables. No real treasure hunting. I am also now seriously looking at more transmog.

The reason for all of this? It was expected. There is always a lull, there is always the downtime between tiers. It isn’t anything new. It may have come a little sooner than last expansion, but that is also I think because they are trying to push out content faster than before. (Though I don’t believe they are doing a successful job on that part).

I have always paced myself, and I have a list of things to do if there isn’t anything to be done. I learned that one from my parents, who would tell me that if I couldn’t find something myself, they would do it for me. I usually didn’t like what they found for me.. And that’s a part that has always stuck in game too.

So if you don’t want to be bored, aren’t as excited in the game. Make a list, don’t do everything at the start of an expansion, it’s still going to be there 6 months down the road. Sell stuff, do professions -even if WoD has made them feel trivial- and stop complaining.

World of Warcraft is boring. You are bored of running your own hamster wheel, and it’s time for you to take a step down and go see what else is out there for you to explore.


Level 3 – I looooove Gooooooollllldddd


World of Warcraft has had a lot of different ones over the years ranging from Gear Tokens, Emblems, Justice and Valor Points, and Apexis Crystals just to name a few. It has always been some form of mechanic to gate what you can and can’t do and how fast you can do it. In WotLK you could grind out Dungeons to get Emblems of Triumph, or in MoP go to Timeless Isle to grind out frogs to get currency to improve your gear.

It all however boils down to gold, the in game market now more than ever is centralized around it. In fact it is so centralized around it that we now have The WoW Token and for $20 USD you can purchase one and put it on the Auction House for what ever your region selling price is. The price you list it at is what you get in return, regardless if the market goes up or down while it is on there, and in return the person purchasing it gets 30 days of game time.

You can take a look at https://wowtoken.info/ to see what the going price is to maximize when you want to sell one or buy one.

It is also now, easier than ever to make gold in-game. From garrison missions, to farming 25HC Cataclysm raids, selling battle pets and the like. People are now accumulating a lot of it. And that’s not a bad thing, in earlier expansion it would take you months just to save up enough to get your Epic Riding or Epic Flying. Now that is chump change in 2 days worth of work if that.

The only bad thing I see, and it was something I was afraid of when the WoW token came into play is not having it as a possibility that you could Pay to Win.

In the most recent patch notes, you are now able to buy all the Apexis Crystal gear up to 675 for in-game gold instead.

This is just 6.2 PTR prices and are subject to change.

What does this mean with the WoW Token and the changes made? Pay to Win. It may not be that, it may not be the reason for this and they just want people to have more accessibility to the new content. But when you put a type of way to buy in-game currency, then put gear on sale for in-game currency from NPC’s then this is a problem.

Yes there is the argument about BOP’s selling for gold, or even people selling full runs of Blackrock Foundry Heroic for 250k but the BOP’s have always been there, and the people selling the runs have done that in the past.

Blizzard only ever sold gear for gold, on the next expansion when the gear is obsolete and people want to use it for Transmogging. You can go to Shattrah, inside ICC or Dalaran and buy old sets for gold, but that gear was not current.

The other thing that irks me, that I have noticed no one has really mentioned in the patch notes about gold and currency. Is that in 6.2 they are removing the 1000g that you get with the BRF and Highmaul Cache. I know I for one would use Treasure Hunting traits to double and triple the amount of gold I would get out of there.

It stinks. It has the smelly smell of people not having it as accessible to get the gold ,and wanting to gear an alt or main that just needs that bit of gear to get them to the iLVL for Hellfire Citadel or HC/Mythic BRF. If you notice the 675iLVL gear is 20k gold in the picture, about the same cost of gold that you would get out of a token.

This may not be the intention that Blizzard meant to do, it may just be a coincidence. But it boils down to real money to buy in game rewards. It’s something that Blizzard has never done, and should change before the patch comes out.

Then again, that’s just my two cents. Let me know what you think.

That’s all for now.

Rykter signing off.

Level 2 – The Sub Loss, and what I think the problem is.

As everyone has known since last week, the quarterly earnings for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft came out and guess what.

Psst…They weren’t very good.

In fact they lost close to 3 million subs, dropping from 10 million subscribers at the start of Warlords of Draenor to 7.1 million, which is around what they were at the peak of Mists of Pandaria.

Now there are quite a few people saying that some of the changes that were made in or introduced in Warlords are the reason for the decline is subscriptions. Such as the introduction of “Garrison Chores”, how much content that is available to them, no flying in Draenor, professions don’t really mean anything anymore are just a few. To be frank yes those are contributing to it all, but I believe the main factor in it is due to the lack of community that is in WoW now a days.

The lack of central dual faction hubs, the removal of the use of major cities, insta-click LFR (which yes does have a lot of good uses) and Garrisons. They have taken the Massive Multiplayer out of the M-M-O and have reduced it to an Online RPG that you don’t really need to interact with people to play anymore. Except for a few guilds such as CTR on Aerie Peak, which is one of, if not the largest WoW community out there, the community is mostly gone in the game. I believe that is the main reason people are leaving.

With content being put out so quickly now in Blizzards new business model, people are doing the things they want to and then leaving. I’ve seen people on twitter say that they will be back as of 6.2 when the new raid tier comes out, but till then they are gone. I do believe that the introduction of the weekend events such as the Timewalking Dungeons and Mythic Tier 5-mans that it may help pull those people back in.

Now the reason I say that community and the lack there of is the major contributing factor in all this, is to take a look at private servers. When I took my break from Retail, I had decided to go and try out some private servers to keep my itch going for World of Warcraft. The server I eventually ended up on was a Wrath server. Now a bunch of the people on that server played there due to lack of funds, but a majority did it for the community. There were events held that you could sign up for. Some that just started randomly by GM’s of the server, or were announced ahead of time that it was taking place.

It can’t just be a content thing, because even after Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria came out, those same people were coming back and playing with the same people. There friends were there both in Retail and in the Private server.

Now private servers are not the answer, but I think if Blizzard took a look at some of them, and not for the player base that they are taking from them, but for how these servers after so long still have these people. I think they might learn something from them.

That however is just my two cents and ramblings and may add more on this later. That’s all for now.

Rykter signing off.

Level 1 – Welcome to The Rykter Scale!

So I have been thinking of doing this for a while. This will be the start up of a World of Warcraft/Blizzard Gaming blog and hopefully podcast. The reason for this? I play a lot of Blizzard games, PC games in general and think I have something to share and offer. (Give people more of an opinion out there and see if anyone else may agree with me.)

Anyways here’s hoping that it all works out and picks up quickly…I may need a bigger hard drive but Christmas is coming and hopefully Santa brings the Mrs and I a new Rig!