Level 4 – Why? OH GOD WHY?

Do I still find World of Warcraft fun anymore?

(A mini bio on Rykter)

After many years of playing this game, I get asked that a lot. For a game that is 10 years old, don’t you get bored? Is it still fun? Isn’t there something more constructive you could be doing with your time? Shouldn’t the dishes have been washed? The answer to all of them are profound YES.

It is however what I like to do with my time, and throughout the years I have done many different things and played many different classes.

I actually got hooked into World of Warcraft before I even knew what it was. I had been at a co-workers house for some beers about a month or so before Burning Crusades came out and he showed me a part of a match of Alterac Valley and his warrior as a tank in MC. I was just astounded as all these people were working together to keep everyone alive and kill all the things! I hadn’t ever seen anything like it, and this big dumb cow was in the front of it all.

It wasn’t until a month before patch 2.4.3 came out did I actually purchase and install Warcraft and create my first Undead Warlock named Kujata. I got him to 45 or so, then dabbled with my first druid named Tierz and got him all the way up to 70. While all this was happening I met my now wife and invited her to play as well. Then starts the 2nd warlock of mine Locktight.

Now through the years I was in some guilds, and ran a few very good, big, fun guilds that even though a bunch of the people don’t play anymore, I still talk with them. I learned alot from being a guild leader, how to manage a team, how to initiate conversations. In fact I learned alot more LIFE skills from running a guild than actual raiding. But over the couple years I was GM I was also raid leader and main tank all through WotLK. It burnt me out and had to actually step back from wow for a couple weeks and see where I stood. I did however come back and our guild merged with another and I helped manage that one with my DK tank and my warlock.

From there I jumped from server to server, and game to game, yet ALWAYS coming back to WoW. There was always something about it that pulled me in. There was always something in a different game that reminded me of WoW, sometimes they did it a little bit better, but it was the whole together ensemble that keeps people and me playing. So after a while, I’ve pretty much stayed dedicated to WoW and I figured out a way to always have something to do.

In this expansion especially, I tend to do the raiding up front and do as much of it as I can. Then comes the lulls, the time and place where most people think that it sucks, that there isn’t anything to do. For me, I haven’t touched things like, mount farming, PVP (2 weeks ago was the first time I had even stepped INTO Ashran) which I am having an ABSOLUTE blast doing. I have gone and made an Alliance druid with Reghan and Breauseph on Aerie Peak and we are going to explore that side of the story. I have done NONE of the mount quests for stables. No real treasure hunting. I am also now seriously looking at more transmog.

The reason for all of this? It was expected. There is always a lull, there is always the downtime between tiers. It isn’t anything new. It may have come a little sooner than last expansion, but that is also I think because they are trying to push out content faster than before. (Though I don’t believe they are doing a successful job on that part).

I have always paced myself, and I have a list of things to do if there isn’t anything to be done. I learned that one from my parents, who would tell me that if I couldn’t find something myself, they would do it for me. I usually didn’t like what they found for me.. And that’s a part that has always stuck in game too.

So if you don’t want to be bored, aren’t as excited in the game. Make a list, don’t do everything at the start of an expansion, it’s still going to be there 6 months down the road. Sell stuff, do professions -even if WoD has made them feel trivial- and stop complaining.

World of Warcraft is boring. You are bored of running your own hamster wheel, and it’s time for you to take a step down and go see what else is out there for you to explore.