SC2 – Legacy of the Void News!

Greetings! Blizzard announced not long ago that they were starting to give away beta keys to Legacy of the Void which means, within the next couple months the game should be going into open beta.
The latest balance update for Legacy Of The Void changed a couple of key elements in my opinion, such as making the cyclone not able to shoot air right off the bat. I found that to be something fairly difficult to handle from the pro games I watched. At a lower level cyclones would be sure to easily win some games due to lack of mechanical skill of players, you now need a fusion core to make them able to attack air. They also split up the Mech and sky Terran upgrades which I believe would add more diversity to the builds, and make you need to choose more of a specific build adding a more risk/reward to it all.

Blizzard finally added a new Terran unit after they removed the herc because of it being so strong in terms, early harass and easily being able to take out specific targets in the mid/late due to its pull ability; I’m looking forward to see what the liberator has in store (I think it will do a considerable amount of damage to some early Zerg play depending how much damage the splash does).

Zerg has now had 2 ‘move while burrowed’ passive’s removed for good reason. Having your roaches passively start with tunneling claws would make early Zerg rushes/harass ridiculously strong and make it so they would be hitting at the same timings, but instead with the ability to hop out of the ground around your mineral line/army to get a full surround and possibly take it out completely.

Swarm hosts also had their passive ‘move while burrowed’ removed, I don’t even think I need to explain it. Swarm hosts that could move hidden under ground able to launch up a bunch of flying locusts into the air to go harass where they please!!
That would just be disgusting. I think Zerg is in a good place with these changes.

Blizzard has been doing a decent job with these balance changes, although they could be focusing a bit more on the Protoss side of things. From what I’ve seen Skytoss is really strong right now, I haven’t seen any huge changes with it lately. I do hope they make some changes to make Protoss more balanced in the future.

Well that was my 2 cents about the new changes made to the Legacy Of The Void beta, I’ll be keeping you guys up to date as I get the info.