Level 6 – Much Ado About Nothing!

World of Warcraft: What to do Wednesday!

It’s the day after reset, and alot of people have done their raids for LFR and possibly done their weekly “Circle of Disappointment”. Lots of people have come to the feeling that there is nothing else to do in game except your daily chores. Today I am going 5 things that can keep you busy and entertained in WoW. Some you may already know and do yourself, but it’s good to be put out there an on a list for people.

So before I start to rant here is my list for this week!

  1. If you are a PVE player, something that I have personally started doing in between content patches is to start PVPing. I try not to touch it at the beginning as I know that the lull always comes and it gives me something else to strive for other than raiding content.
    Now this doesn’t mean you have to do it on your main toon. Though if you are a mount collector as well, this is a good way to work on those at the same time (key note – they are ground mounts so you don’t have to feel bad about no flying)
  2. Transmog. I love it. I usually try and make a new set each week. If you have already done the raids of your circle of dissapointment, then you may already have a bunch of the gear that looks “cool” for your toon. I need to personally clear out my void storage as I am now full. I need a bigger wardrobe it seems for my Undead Lock. (Who knew that male undead warlocks could be so fashionable!)
    You can also get different sets and pieces by doing old dungeons as well, a good addon I like to use is either AtlasLootEnhanced – Beta(which is the one for WoD) which has all the gear that each dungeon drops, or MogIt(which has the same, but in catagories and you can save your own wardrobe and it will mark what pieces you already have.)
  3. Achievement Hunting! It’s a great time waster, and there are lots of titles and mounts that you can get for doing it. A great addon I like to use for my achievement hunting is Overachiever, it tracks the achievements and posts if you have /hugged, /loved, or killed something for a certain achievement. Plus the search options are much more in depth than the ones already in game.
  4. Roll an opposite faction character. You would be surprised at the difference in content, as well as dungeon quests there are between the two factions. Especially if you haven’t played the other faction since before Cataclysm, or leveled one up. There are alot more and new experiences for you to enjoy and you may learn some things along the way. Though I have rolled some Alliance toons myself, I still believe that a gnome should be under the foot of a Tauren.
  5. Help someone. I know, this is a very strange concept in a world all about ME, but I have met some really cool people and have had some very long and lasting friendships, just by helping someone level or through things. It doesn’t take much, and there are many stories on reddit of people getting back in contact with the person that helped them and giving them thanks. In a game that’s all about your own loot, and progression. It really does wonders to your gameplay to help someone else.

That is my list for this week, I have included where you can get those addons that I have spoken about below, and if you have your own idea’s feel free to let me know and I will put them in next weeks WoW:WtdW!



AtlasLoot Enhanced


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